18 | 03 | 2016

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We are the Scottish Climate and Energy Forum (SCEF)

Scotland was literally and physically made by our climate: The ice ages formed our valleys; our cuisine of porridge from oats is because our climate doesn't suit wheat, and it was the colder climate of the 1690s & famine that followed, that led to our loss of our independence. According to historians up to a quarter of Scots died in just a few years. Imagine if it happened today: whole villages forced to beg on the streets in places like Edinburgh; parents having to choose which children to feed. Which of your children would you chose to die?

Fortunately, famine is not something we should fear in our lifetime. Cheap energy from abundant fossil fuel has allowed us to grow far more both locally and globally. Even if we saw the same extreme cold as the 1690s, modern transport can bring food for people even if nothing could be grown in Scotland. But cold & fuel poverty is still a killer. According to Age Concern, there are 23,000 extra deaths in the UK each winter. So how can our political elite in Scotland be so heartless that they turn a blind eye to the solid evidence that cold & not warmth is a killer in Scotland?

Of all the countries in the world, Scotland seems to have the least debate about global warming,

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but we Scots usually love debate! We the country of great thinkers like Hume and non-conformists like Knox. So, why are people so afraid to debate this issue in Scotland? Even if man-made CO2 were to cause catastrophic warming, don't the public have a right to hear both sides and not just the half lies and propaganda of the BBC and government?

Climate has always changed. A few thousand years ago in the Bronze age, many of the higher parts of Scotland were inhabited as the many Bronze age hut circles show. Our peat bogs, show that around 4500 years ago the climate changed significantly. In the medieval period, we know grapes were grown in the north of England, we know "Greenland" was named because it was much warmer at that time.

However, over the last few decades, using poor scientific techniques, people have tried to suggest that the climate in the past never changed and that we live in "unprecedented warming". Finally, they have asserted they can predict the climate when the evidence shows they can't.

How many times did the boy have to cry wolf before people stopped believing him? Did they need a canine expert to diagnose the lack of a wolf? Likewise, it does not need an expert to see that since 2001 the globe has not warmed and the predicted warming did not happen. Why 2001? That is when we were told it was certainly going to warm. Not, "it may warm" but that it was certain beyond doubt that there would be warming. We did not choose the date, we did not force them to commit to a forecast they could not deliver. All we ask is that they now admit their forecast was wrong and that they honestly and openly examine how it was possible to say something so obviously flawed was almost beyond doubt.

This website is run by volunteers who wish to support the government, communities and people of Scotland make the best decisions on climate and energy for the benefit of us all. We want all the evidence to be available not just one viewpoint. This is because the evidence shows us that the human impact on the environment, particularly the release of CO2, is far less damaging than previously believed. We need to amend legislation to reflect the real science.

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