18 | 03 | 2016


The idea for the Scottish Climate and Energy Forum came from a meeting of Scottish in November 2011 and ran for a while as a website until it was formally constituted on the 27th June 2012. We are currently run by a committee of six with Mike Haseler as the Chairman.

The organisation is for volunteers who wish to support the government, communities and people of Scotland to make the best decisions on climate and energy for the benefit of us all.

We may be sceptical, but that doesn't mean we are "anti" anything. All real scientists are sceptics or as the Royal Society motto puts it, we "take no one's word for it". But more than that, we are pragmatic. Energy has to come from somewhere. It would be better if we didn't affect the environment when we secure energy, just as it would be better that fields were not covered over in tarmac for motorways or hospitals or housing. But we do need energy just as we need roads and hospitals and housing, so we have to be pragmatic.

So, we are neither pro, nor anti man made global warming, just as we are neither pro nor anti wind, nuclear or any other climate or energy issue. Instead we want all the evidence to be available for government and policy to be based on the evidence and not the say-so of this or that pressure group or business lobbyist.


Membership is available to all those who support our aims for pragmatic climate and energy policy.

Membership costs £10 and you may join here:

See our constitution for details of the association.

For more information see:

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