18 | 03 | 2016

Cessation of Activity

Following the survey of Skeptics, I realised two things:

  1. That even undertaking a survey was a huge cost of my time and resources which I could no longer justify.
  2. That it was utterly daft for politicians, civil servants and even academics, to just dismiss the views of skeptics as we are undoubtedly the best educated and trained group to look at this issue.

I therefore asked both the Scottish and Westminster government for a meeting to discuss funding options to complete the analysis. Neither government was prepared to meet me to discuss either the initial results or options for funding.

To be frank, I am completely disgusted by their attitude. As we saw just yesterday, green groups spreading unscientific propaganda to undermine our economy are getting funding from foreign governments. In contrast skeptics like me pushing for good science are expected to fund our own work out of our own pockets and then we get insulted by ignorant politicians, chief scientists or heads of the Royal Society calling us "deniers" or much worse.

History will - indeed given the 17+ years without warming - history is showing us skeptics to be right. We were right that:

  • the climate models & consensus science could not predict the climate.
  • and that as a result it was scientifically and morally wrong to "cry wolf" about climate catastrophe.

What the survey showed was why we skeptics were bound to be right. The answer is simple: we skeptics are very confident in our ability to analyse data - and as the level of education and experience shows, this is no idle boast. It is a confidence based on our exceptionally high level of education and experience in science and engineering.

So, how does one persuade a skeptic that the globe is currently warming? You give them the raw data that shows it is warming! That is the be all and end all of climate skepticism. It's what was once called "science" - something I now call "skeptic science" - a way of thinking based on a critical/skepticall analysis of the evidence.

There never was the data that could convince us skeptics that the 20th century was anything other than a minor blip in the temperature graph. And there was certainly no evidence any of the "consensus scientists" could predict the climate.

What we were unable to do, is to convince our politicians that the evidence that was so clear to us, showed that many so called "scientists" are little better than voodoo witch doctors. That was not our failing. We presented the evidence as best as we were able to these politicians and they (for whatever reasons) chose to ignore it. That was their choice - it was the wrong choice - but it was their choice.

So, we skeptics are forced to accept that without huge funding we cannot compete in this world of commercial spin doctors. There is now no likelihood in the near future that our politicians will listen to us. But fortunately, there is one "spin" doctor even the "witch doctors" who run climate "science" cannot ignore.

As I have said many times before, whilst we skeptics may appear mere week and feeble men, we have the best possible ally: Mother Nature! Not even these witch doctors whose views are so heavily based on "consensus" (not evidence) can deny the indisputable evidence from mother nature. The evidence which is now overwhelming supporting us and not them.

And so, as mother nature, rather than us skeptics, is leading this "debate", I am now content to watch mother nature dragging these witch doctors and ignorant politicians kicking and screaming toward the undeniable truth that their climate predictions are a complete load of excrement.

As such I am officially ending the activity of the Scottish Climate & Energy Forum.

I would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped in our activities.

We won - not because we were effective - but because we had the truth, the evidence and last but not least, mother nature on our side!

It was an honour to work with you all,

Mike Haseler BSc. MBA. MIEEIE (lapsed)
Acting Chairman of the Scottish Climate & Energy Forum